Top 20 Associates Degrees with Highest Paying Salaries

by Clay on Jul 29, 2010

There are many jobs that pay extremely well and don’t require many years of schooling.  In fact, many programs can be completed in under two years.  Listed below are the top 20 associate’s degree that promise to deliver a hefty paycheck.

  1. Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians – this careers allows you to test and maintain aircraft and space vehicles.
  2. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians – this important fields requires professionals to keep aircraft in pristine condition protecting the lives of the customers they serve.
  3. Avionics Technicians – these technicians produce aviation electronics which include jet engines, flight control instruments, and missile-guidance systems.
  4. Commercial Pilots – this career gives you the responsibility of ensuring the safe delivery of passengers or cargo from one destination to another.
  5. Computer Specialists -participate in this dynamic growing field.
  6. Dental Hygienists – the professional in this field specializes in providing preventative oral care and helps patients keep a beautiful smile.
  7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – this program teaches you how to provide ultrasound based imaging.
  8. Electrical Engineering Technicians – this program enables you to provide assistance when problems arise before, after, or during construction projects.
  9. Electrical Repairers – professionals in this field have a strong understanding of electrical equipment and possess the skills to fix complex machinery.
  10. Electronics Drafters – skills that this program teaches include drawing schematics, creating circuit board assembly diagrams, and layout diagrams.
  11. Engineering Technicians – this programs uses knowledge from science, mathematics, and engineering for problem solving in various technical fields.
  12. Fashion Designers – people inclined to visual aesthetics will find this career rewarding and stimulating.
  13. Funeral Directors – this field requires people that are patient and strong people skills to help families cope with a difficult time in their lives.
  14. Nuclear Medicine Technologists – this career gives you the opportunity to help people through diagnostic imaging like x-rays.
  15. Nuclear Technicians – this may well be the job that helps solve the nation’s energy crisis and teaches professionals about harvesting nuclear energy.
  16. Radiation Therapists – improving peoples’ lives is what this job centers on as people treat cancers and greatly improve patients’ chance for survival.
  17. Radiologic Technologists – people learn the art of providing radiologic imaging services like mammograms and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in this field.
  18. Registered Nurses – often considered the backbone of the health industry, this field encompasses a majority of the health field with diverse responsibilities.
  19. Respiratory Therapists – this field gives people the skills to help patients breathe better through therapeutic treatments.
  20. Ship Engineers –these professionals maintain and repair ship’s vital instruments ensuring a safe voyage.

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