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Top 50 College Admissions Blogs | The Learn Worm
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Top 50 College Admissions Blogs

by admin on Nov 08, 2010

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If you want to improve your skills and education, and become more marketable, it can help to have some sort of degree. Your salary with an Associates degree is better than you would get with only a high school diploma. If you want a better, higher paying job, you need some formal schooling beyond high school.

However, getting into college an be a challenge these days. It can be competitive to get into a good school — even for an Associates degree. You need every edge you can get in order to get into school, especially if you want a good financial aid package. The good news is that if you know what to expect, and how to go through the college admissions process, you are more likely to get accepted. If you want more information on the college admissions process, and hints on how to get in, you can read these 50 college admissions blogs:

College Admissions Coaches and Counselors

There are people and companies that make a living out of providing advice for those looking to get into college. If you want some insights, as well as some basic coaching, when it comes to college admissions, you can read these blogs from professionals.

  1. The Choice: A college admission expert at the New York Times offers insights and anecdotes about the process.
  2. College Admissions Counseling Blog: These college admissions experts know what universities are looking for, and provide tips for getting in.
  3. Omniac Education: Focuses on tips to help you get through standardized with test scores that admissions officers like to see.
  4. The Admission Game: Hints and planning tips to help you get ready to get in to school.
  5. College Admissions: This college admissions guide at About.com really knows his stuff.
  6. Application Boot Camp: Get good advice and updates from the world of professional college admissions counselors.
  7. College Admissions: Jeannie knows her stuff, and is a help to those looking to succeed in college.
  8. The Ivy Coach: Professional college coach helps you learn secrets to getting into some of the toughest schools.
  9. Get Into College Blog: This college counselor tells you how you can increase your chances of being accepted to a school.
  10. CollegeBound: Have your questions answered by admissions advisers.
  11. Admitted Blog: This blog is kept up by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, and can provide helpful insights on what you can do to get into college.
  12. College Admission Blog: College Guide and Search Advice: Help choosing a college, and getting in.
  13. CollegeBasics.com Blog: Get the basics of getting into college and more from this blog.

Student Advice and College Admission Tips

If you want help from people who have been through the process as students, or who have made decisions about college admissions, these blogs can provide you with some helpful hints about what to expect, and what to do.

  1. My College Calendar: A helpful blog that can help you keep on track as you work toward application and acceptance at university.
  2. College Confidential: Student and even professors share their experience and tips about getting into college.
  3. CampusCompare: Use this blog to help you compare different schools and get tips on getting in.
  4. CollegeTimes: Read advice from students about how you can get into college — and what to expect when you get there.
  5. The Prudent Student: Find out how you can be a better student and get into college.
  6. Find College Cards: A helpful blog with tips from students on getting into college, and how to prepare for college.
  7. My College Options: Hints, ideas and more about attending college — and getting in.
  8. The Uncommon Blog: This admissions blog from the University of Chicago includes advice from student bloggers.
  9. College Jolt: Students share experiences about college, and about getting into college.
  10. Making it Count!: Students and professionals share thoughts on college, and admissions.
  11. AdmissionHook: Tips and hints on writing a good college admissions essay.

Grad School Admissions

Learn more about what it takes to get into graduate school. If you are interested in moving beyond your undergraduate work, these blogs can help you learn more about grad student life, and how you can improve your chances of getting in.

  1. GradSchoolForum: Posts and discussions related to getting into graduate school.
  2. Happy Schools Blog: Helpful information on grad school admissions.
  3. So you want to go to grad school?: News, information and tips related to getting into and attending graduate school.
  4. Clear Admit: This grad admissions blog focuses on helping you get into a MBA program.
  5. Graduate School: Tara, a guide at About.com, helps you learn what you need to know to get into graduate school.
  6. Law School Expert: Great advice for those planning to attend law school.
  7. Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru: Find out what you need to know about getting into grad school.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

If you can get help paying for your schooling, that can be a real bonus. Consider these blogs for tips on getting scholarships, and other ways you can get financial aid during the admissions process.

  1. FAFSA Blog: Information and resources from the government about financial aid for college.
  2. Planning and Preparing for College: A great blog discusses scholarships and internships as part of your college planning and admissions.
  3. College Athletic Scholarships: Find out more about your options if you want help with admissions as a student athlete.
  4. Paying for College: Great tips on financial aid, even for those who don’t live in Virginia.
  5. The Financial Aid Blog: A great resource for finding ways to pay for college.
  6. Go Financial Aid Blog: Helpful information on finding financial aid and scholarships as part of college admissions.
  7. Scholarships.com Blog: Admission tips, scholarship information and more.
  8. International Financial Aid Blog: Find out about what’s available in different countries, and how you can get helping paying for college overseas.
  9. Student Loans: Learn more about these types of financial aid.
  10. NCAA Recruiting: This blog is aimed at athletic scholarships, and how you can get them.
  11. Admissions and Financial Aid Blog: Helpful information about getting into school and paying for it.

Administration Blogs

Get information on admissions and school policies right from the source. A number of administrators write blogs, and these are great sources of information about school life, and how you can increases your chances of getting into the school of your choice.

  1. One Dean’s View: Helpful information on school life, and some posts on getting into college.
  2. Office of the President Blog: University of Washington president offers insights into life at the university, including some tips on getting in.
  3. Confessions of a Community College Dean: If you are interested in community college, this is a great blog.
  4. Snow College President: Helpful insights into what happens at one school.
  5. Dean Dan Bernardo’s Blog: Find out about the happenings at Washington State, and get some insights on college life.
  6. Prez Ed’s Blog: News about Bethany College, as well as insights that can help you increase your chances of getting into school.
  7. President’s Blog at Old Dominion University: Helpful information and interesting thoughts.
  8. Dean Manderscheid’s Blog: A look at news at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but some of the insights carry over to other schools.

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